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Picture Reporter is a pictorial report application created by business for business. We originally created it to solve our own needs, and through the years it became one of our favorite products, used by many companies in different industries.

We proudly present a new version of Picture Reporter, now designed to run as a web app. Now you can have all your reports at the tip of your fingers from any computer or mobile device.

We hope you enjoy our new version of Picture Reporter.

History of Picture Reporter

It was years ago when our own needs led us to create the original desktop version of this program. Our investigators were spending excessive time trying to create pictorial reports for their clients. We couldn't find a good application that would do just that in a streamlined, efficient and user-friendly fashion. That's when we decided to create this product.

Over the years this program has been adopted by many other companies in different industries. In today's changing market however, it was time to recreate Picture Reporter for today's environment.

We have taken the time to add exciting features, keeping always in mind our goal of making pictorial reports easy to create. We don't add features just because "it would be cool". Picture Reporter is designed to do a single task and to do it as quick, simply and best as possible.

Feel free to try Picture Reporter. We are confident that you will enjoy what you can do with it.

XYZ ConstructionWarehouse

Photo 01 (Before)
Work in progress - Man cutting wood
Photo 02 (Before)
Work in progress
Photo 03 (After)
External trenches for plumbing partially closed
Photo 04 (After)
External unit
Photo 05 (Before)
External unit - side view
Photo 06 (Before)
New front door installed

John Smith3/12/2015

XYZ ConstructionWarehouse

Photo 07 (After)
New front door - view from inside
Photo 08 (After)
Another door pending for installation
Photo 09 (Before)
Plumbing for water fountains
Photo 10 (After)
New electrical on bathrooms
Photo 11 (Before)
Plumbing for water fountains
Photo 12 (Before)
Plumbing between bathrooms

John Smith3/12/2015


Thank you trying our new version of Picture Reporter. We hope you like what you see. Picture Reporter has been designed to allow you to create pictorial reports like this one, quickly and with professional results every time.

Pictorial reports are a great tool for sales. They allow you to document for your client the quality of your work, protecting you, your client and your employees.

Before Picture Reporter, creating pictorial reports required tedious work using a word processor or presentation program, neither of which were designed for this specific task. A typical problem that you could find when using those products was the difficulty to make any changes - order of the photos, change the layout, etc.- once you started. With Picture Reporter, you can change your layout, the order of the photos or anything else, and you still get a perfect report every time you click the Preview button.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you, and share with us how Picture Reporter makes your job easier and your business more successful.

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